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Noiseless immersion cooler! Mineral oil ASIC miner liquid immersion cooling UPDATE!


Here is an update on the noiseless immersion cooling setup with mineral oil to cool your Bitmain antminer s9, GMO B2 or B3 miner, Halong mining Dragonint T1 or any other ASIC mining hardware you have. This is our special noiseless immersion liquid cooled cooler. These mineral oil immersion coolers are quiet, stable and pretty much maintenance free. Immersion cooling mining is a very good idea to use to our existing open air cooled machines. The future of ASIC miners seems to still be heading towards air cooling as we can see in the new GMO mining hardware. The GMO miners such as the gmo b2 miner and gmo miner B3 are still using the same method of non noiseless open air cooling so we can use this cooling system for the new GMO asic miners. We all know with ASIC mining hardware that the maintenance and noise can be very hard to deal with as well as demanding. When using this compact immersion cooler you can eliminate some of the major issues with ASIC mining like, extreme noise, hardware failure, loosing full hashboards or burning out the ASIC chips by using a mineral oil immersion cooling method. We will be selling the kits so you guys can DIY mineral oil immersion cooler to your own ASIC miner. If you want to purchase a DIY noiseless immersion cooler kit or the full unit please send me and email at:


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