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Antminer s9 Cooling

I have had allot of messages, questions and comments about antminer cooling the antminer cooler box that was seen in these antminer s9 cooler reviews. Well I went ahead and made a DIY antminer s9 cooler box and silencer video to help you guys silence and cool your own antminers. In this antminer cooling setup we will talk about the tools needed to make the antminer cooler box and a step by step method of how to construct an antminer cooling box.

The tools needed to make your antminer cooling setup; 6 inch diameter hole drill to cut the air input and air output ducting for the antminer cooler. 1.25 inch diameter hole drill to cut the psu and ethernet cable hole on the side of the antminer s9 cooler.

Get as much 6" INSULATED ducting as needed to cool your antminer s9 bitcoin miner. REMEMBER we are trying to remove heat in this antminer cooling setup so we use insulated ducting so we does not loose the heat in the room. 48 QT cooler to put the antminer inside. The antminer s9 should have more than enough room in this size cooler. Next step on the antminer cooling setup after cutting the holes on the antminer cooler, you can sand down the insides of the holes to give the ducting a smoother surface to fit through on the antminer cooler.


After you make the holes to remove an excess dust or particles from cutting the holes. You do not want that going into your brand new antminer s9. You can also use a fan to blow away any excess debris left on the cooler, use whatever you like just make sure you clean the cooler for the antminer well! antminer cooling is tricky but this will do the trick! If you are trying to run a full antminer cooling setup maybe we can use this principle! After you have finished cutting all the holes for the cooler, you can get a piece of Styrofoam to put the antminer s9 bitcoin miner to rest on. The reason we do this is to align the antminer perfectly in the center to connect the hoses to each side of your antminer. For my antminer cooling setup I am using a APW3++ power supply unit from bitmain but I have seen others using the EVGA power supply for their antminer cooling setup as well. You guys can hear in the video that clearly the sound from the antminer is silenced. Its does not go away but it does tone down the noise level of these antminers. I put a decibel meter next to the antminer so you can see the actual readings of the antminers decibel. I hope this help you guys with you diy cooling hacks for the antminer. This is my DIY antminer cooling setup video so I could make the process as short and simple for you guys!

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