bitcoin miner and bitcoin cash mining hardware 2018      

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This is my setup to cool a room of antminer S9s in sunny hot Florida! We all know it’s super hot and very humid air here in Florida so exhausting the heat and cooling antminers, bitcoin miner or any other crypto miner can be quite difficult. This setup is running 6 inch insulated ducting to exhaust the heat from the containment box and 4 inch insulated ducting to each antminer. This is a cheap, easy and efficient setup guys... This is a great DIY bitcoin cooling setup for a small ant farm bitcoin mining farm so I hope this helps give you guys ideas for anyone trying to cool there Antminer or bitcoin miner anywhere it’s hot! I will do a full video explaining the process how to exhaust heat in detail as soon as I can! I wanted to get the idea out there as soon as possible for you guys to help you manifest your own bitcoin farm cooling ideas

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