ASICminer 8 Nano newest asic bitcoin miner 40ths 48ths noiseless water cooled bitcoin miner      

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ASICminer 8 Nano promising 40ths and bitcoin mining at 48ths and even higher!


Is this real?


I do not promote this company! I want to know more! Tell me in the comments! I don't know if this is real but if it is bitmain is done. These 8 nano bitcoin miners are noiseless, water cooled and would be the new asic miners if they are legit. This would be the best bitcoin mining hardware to buy in the world. Wow water cooled and can still run fine at 35% fan efficiency, if these things are legit....


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1. Noiseless Water Cooling How it works * Most effective closed-loop cooling system. Сan be installed at living zones (due to to the level of noise). Customizable solutions for large mining farms. Noiseless Fans. Work at low speeds, have built-in anti-vibration pad. Improved aerodynamics of the blades. Radiators with more than 15% increased rib area. Silent high-pressure pumps. Durability of more than 50,000 hours of working. Will continue to work efficiently even if 35% of fans stop working. 2. Ready to use mining farms * Locks-latches for the assembly of mines. A farm of 50 miners can be assembled into the mining farm on latches, by two people, in less than an hour. 3. Safety locking systems for large mining farms * Fastening with ropes from above. Surface mounting support. Custom clamps. 4. Professional power connectors. * Higher quality and reliability of contact. High level of safety. 5. Professional LAN Cable * 10 meters cable. Professional connectors. Industrial standard connection LAN type. 6. Incredibly simple transportation * Fold handle on top. Handles on the sides of the body. Road Case on Wheels.


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